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  • Strained Romantic and Familial Relationships

  • Confidence Issues Low Self-Esteem

  • Weight reduction, Health matters Chronic Pain

  • Antibullying 

  • Stress & Anxiety 

  • Sadness 

  • Insomnia

My Approach

Working Together with me ....

"During our initial contact, kindly share a brief overview of what might be holding you back from living your life to its fullest. We'll engage in a thoughtful discussion to craft a personalized approach tailored to your specific concerns. If we both agree to move forward, we'll promptly set up your sessions.

Choose a time that suits you, ensuring you can converse with me in a serene, distraction-free environment. Your progress is my utmost priority, and your full presence and focus are key. All sessions will be conducted virtually, offering you the flexibility to participate comfortably from your chosen setting."

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